Hi! My name is Michael and welcome the my blog! As you can see my blog is slightly random but essentially reflects my interests – fitness and sport, food and current affairs. The world is hopeless saturated with (often contradictory) evidence on all these topics but I hope you find my blog treats them all in a balanced, informative and succinct way. The Daily Mail this ain’t! Please forgive my love of rhetorical questions, clichés, mainstream references and terrible jokes – I’m far better at making people groan than laugh
Who am I though? I am currently a student studying History. What can you deduce from that? 1. I like history. 2. I have no direction in life. My ideas for a career range from becoming a personal trainer to working in international development. I do, though, enjoy writing and have often also considered journalism. Thus any tips, comments and criticisms (as well as job offers) are very welcome indeed. Enjoy!

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