Hello everyone! So this is my blog. I don’t know if it’s going to be a regular thing, I’m probably just going to write when I feel like it, but I hope it acts as something to look back on when I’m old and reliving my ‘youf’ and is perhaps interesting for you the reader. Or at least you mum anyway.

I guess the best place to start is the beginning. A twenty-four hour epic flight from London to Melbourne via Dubai (horrifically hot, don’t even think about going there in the Summer) and Singapore. Then a short taxi hop to RMIT, my home at least until next January where I met my roommate, a friendly Aussie guy called Jessie. RMIT is just like where I stay in Edinburgh, Robertson’s Close – full of people going out to the local night spots, mostly Americans, mostly already smashed.

My first week here was spent on the Melbourne Welcome which is like a kind of pre-Freshers’ Week Freshers’ Week. We were based at one of the residential colleges of the Uni, Janet Clark Hall, which are like Oxbridge colleges. I went to register and was immediately greeted ‘Oh, you’re Michael Boulton!’ This pretty much set the tone for a lot of Welcome Week where most people greeted me like this because of my name being like that of a certain ‘80s popstar. I suppose we all start somewhere.

The Welcome Week itself was really great. I was led around by a local called Nashi – part time tour guide, part-time crepe maestro, full-time lovely person, who really helped me to find my way in the city and feel comfortable. The whole group was lovely, spanning the whole world with one other Brit, Kay-Ann from North ‘Landon’. We got up to much which I won’t bore you with but the highlights were a trip up the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest building, live music at a local bar on the last night and most of all just general dinnertime banter. Hell, even the trip to the sanctuary was good! I’m sure the group will stay in touch throughout the term.

Since then I’ve had to settle down and sort my life out – banks, phones and the like. This week’s highlight has probably been the trip to the MCG to watch some Aussie Rules ‘footy’. I LOVE the sport – once you start watching you just can’t stop as it is just ceaseless action.  As is the commentary which is like listening to fanzone or an uncensored Will Greenwood.

As you can probably tell I do like it here but I do miss certain things from home, most notably the prices – seriously. $6 (around £4) is considered a cheap beer and at the supermarket most things are literally double the price compared to Tesco. Luckily wages are also around double those in England so hopefully I can get around the problem.

Also SO jealous of everyone watching/working at the Olympics – watched the Road Race today going through some of my old haunts and felt big homesickness pangs! Gutted we didn’t win, I blame the Germans for not doing any work…but that’s another blog.

Also missing people at home of course! I’ve been trying to catch some of you on Facebook but its hard with the time difference I guess. If I’m on and I don’t see you are, please do say hi and catch up!

Until next time x